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The right technologies and the know-how to harness them 


Engineers within Tematic have core competence in all manner of ARM software and hardware technology with experience working with: ARM2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, StrongARM, and XScale.

Our strong in-house hardware development team has the skills and experience to take a commercial design all the way from the drawing board to the consumer across a broad range of consumer electronics devices, from niche products for vertical markets to extremely low-cost, high volume products.

Many engineers' skill sets overlap leading to a blur in the definition between software and hardware, this promotes a diverse field of knowledge and swift problem solving environment


Software technologies from which a project can draw include:

  • real-time operating system design
  • run-time and in field upgrading
  • support for generic PCI based controllers such as OHCI USB root hubs
  • guaranteed compatibility with the entire ARM family
  • standards based, giving compatibility with a wide range of popular systems
  • TCP/IP stack with streaming media optimisations
  • DHCP
  • Samba and NFS networking
  • low bitrate video playback codecs (MPEG 2/4)

Projects will also benefit from a valuable range of software skills:

  • hand optimisation for maximum performance and memory footprint
  • image processing and enhancement
  • user interface design using methods from conventional keyboard/mouse to more abstract paradigms such as touchscreens and wireless handsets
  • coding mathematical algorithms in ARM assembler for best performance
  • experience in all software fields from low level device drivers to user facing applications


Hardware technologies from which a project can draw include:

  • schematic capture (Protel and Mentor Graphics systems)
  • 2, 4, 6, and 8 layer PCB technology
  • strict PCB design rules to ensure design for manufacturability and to aid EMC compliance
  • microcontroller design to offload pressure from the main CPU, for example including expertise in PIC, 8051, 6502 and 68000 microcontrollers, to help guarantee a grade of service
  • custom glue logic design using CPLDs or equivalent (Lattice and Xilinx parts)
  • analogue and high speed digital design
  • audio and video circuitry design
  • analogue filter simulation
  • BGA and fBGA technology
  • procurement of ICT fixtures for manufacture
  • secure EN55022 and relevant electrical safety approvals
  • 802.3 Ethernet variants and V90/V92 POTS telephony


Development may proceed using any of these tools:

  • C/C++
  • ARM assembler
  • scripting languages such as awk, ECMAScript, Perl, assorted flavours of BASIC
  • microcontroller assembler (as and where appropriate)
  • executables delivered in binary, ELF or AIF format
  • Abel and VHDL for hardware logic design

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