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Projects with Tematic 

Working with you from start to finish 


A dedicated team...

Work at Tematic is project oriented and consists of a small dedicated group of engineers being assigned to a given project. This way you can be sure that the task in hand is getting 100% of a team member's attention, rather than spreading their time over several different projects.

Projects will typically be initiated by a customer concept, after which Tematic will consider which design route will lead to a successful solution within the customer's constraints.

The customer may require a single functioning prototype to demonstrate a concept or the complete end to end solution with the delivery of a production ready design.

From specification to evaluation...

Tematic will then put together a project proposal detailing where the time is apportioned and which deliverables can be expected at each project milestone as well as any anticipated problems.

Firm project specifications and supporting technical documents can then be fleshed out to ensure the design goals are well defined and any project risks are well characterised.

Once agreed, the project will commence - this might include hardware design work initially while other software preparation begins in parallel on existing (architecturally similar) prototypes, or for projects which take a reference hardware design from our library the software effort can commence immediately.

When the project is functionally complete an evalutation process begins while the customer ensures that all of the goals have been completed and any changes which are required have been fed back to Tematic.

Keeping you informed of progress...

A password protected private file transfer area will be defined where the customer can fetch project related material released by Tematic at no cost or time delay.

Continuing support...

Finishing the project does not signal an end ot the relationship as Tematic will continue to support the customer after initial deployment, this might include tasks such as appraising alternative component sources to keep a production line running.

In confidence...

All projects are discussed in the strictest of confidence and generally the first step after the initial briefing will be to sign a mutual NDA to ensure the product under development does not risk being leaked to your competitors.

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